Did you know that a clean, minimal and premium looking logo could dramatically make you more money? Here are 5 reasons why...

  • Having a minimal, premium looking logo will automatically attract higher paying customers to your business because of the higher perceived value it evokes in people's minds.

  • The simpler your logo, the faster it can be imprinted in the human brain, and thus make your brand instantly recognizable.

  • A simple mark can more easily be processed by the human brain, making the experience of just looking at it a more pleasant one.

  • Your business will look like a world class Silicon Valley startup, simply by having a brand that uses the same secret ingredients that they have (without needing the millions in funding)

  • You'll be able to use your clean logo on t-shirts, business cards and in other places that your future customers will come in contact with. Make sure their first impression is WORLD CLASS!

    The reason we specialize in clean, simple looking logos (though it's anything BUT simple to design one) is that those little marks can dramatically improve the quality of a business. The customers get a more premium feeling and experience, the business owner makes more money. All wins!

    You've probably been on our main website and saw that we charge $500 - $800 for these logo design projects.

    But we're experimenting with a new service to help you build a premium brand for your project. Even if your budget is limited!


  • Do you want us to design you a custom logo that you'll exclusively own all the rights to?
  • Do you want us to design your premium logo and deliver it to you in less than 3 weeks?


    Ok, Here's the deal:

    For a limited time only, we'll design a custom premium logo, for just $89! AND you'll get 1 revision (if you need it).

    That's all we can physically take without going nuts!

    That's right. You'll save more than $400 and you'll get a world class, minimal logo for your product or service!


    As long as this page is LIVE, you're lucky and you can quickly claim your spot! we'll contact you within 12 hours to ask you for a short design brief after you've reserved your spot.

    Go ahead!

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